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Orthodontics in Oak Lawn IL

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Why is orthodontic treatment so important?

Orthodontic treatment is used to fix malocclusions or misalignments of the teeth. When teeth are not aligned properly they are more susceptible to bacteria build up, cavities, and periodontal disease. Teeth in misalignment cannot be cleaned properly and have an increased risk of mobility and eventual tooth loss. Teeth in malocclusion are more susceptible to enamel wearing away, difficulty with speaking and chewing, and extra stress on the bone and gums supporting the teeth. Without orthodontic treatment, these problems can become much worse.

Orthodontic treatment creates a bite or occlusion that is in alignment, making the teeth fit together the way they were meant to. This greatly decreases the risk of future dental problems and enables the teeth to function as they’re supposed to.

What causes orthodontic problems?

Many times malocclusions are inherited or genetic problems that cannot be prevented. People often notice crowded teeth, spacing issues, protrusions, extra or missing teeth, and jaw growth problems that are genetic issues. Other orthodontic issues may be caused by thumb-sucking, pacifier use, periodontal disease, accidents, or the early or late loss of baby teeth.

Ask your doctor!

It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations and maintain excellent oral hygiene while in orthodontic treatment. Remember to wear your retainer once treatment is complete!

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